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Principles of Health

“All truth undergoes three stages:
First, it is ridiculed;
Second, it is violently-opposed;
Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.”
– Schopenhauer –

A tremendous amount of misinformation about health and nutrition is readily-available to an information-hungry public. And the destructive power of this counter-information becomes obvious when we examine the increase of degenerative disease in so-called ‘’developed nations” despite the advanced medically-diagnostic tools available in those countries. The fact is that the human body is designed to be healthy and productive beyond the age of 100.

As a civilization, we are far from reaching our potential. Most of us are dissatisfied and have difficulty accepting our lives; this is reflected in our physical, metal, emotional and spiritual discomfort and distress. We feel that we are trapped in the back-seat of the runaway vehicle called “life”, rather than in the driver’s seat of our destiny. So concretely have we become cemented into our lifestyles that we see no apparent way out of them.

But there is a better way. Hippocrates has pioneered a lifestyle that works. Not that it is new. On the contrary, it merely follows the laws of life that were given to us at the time of our creation. Every cell in our bodies follows these laws. To live via those laws takes courage, faith, and perseverance. And the result of doing so is an open door to infinite human potential.

It is important to understand that the catalyst for change is the belief system. Belief is the human characteristic that allows change to be possible in a world in which inertia would otherwise dominate. It’s what is necessary to affect and effect change is personal and global patterns, To make a shift from being sick to becoming healthy requires a shift in a belief-pattern.

Let us discuss some of the major beliefs that have proven to be true throughout the years and moved Hippocrates to the “head of the class” in the field on nutritional education.

∞ Belief #1: We are solar cells. The sun provides the wide spectrum of nutrients that is necessary for our health. Directly or indirectly, the sun provides us with vitamins, minerals, proteins, carbohydrates, oxygen, chlorophyll, enzymes, hormones, etc, thereby giving us the potential to be healthy.

∞ Belief #2: The three most critical foods in terms of nutrition are sprouts, sea vegetables and fresh water algae. They contain solar energy in the most-easily-digested form available. All of the necessary building-0blocks of a healthy life are in these foods in appropriate balance with little waste material.

∞ Belief #3: A diet high in raw chlorophyll delivers a continuous transfusion into our bloodstream, strengthening our immune system and enhancing the ability of our red blood cells to carry oxygen. The chlorophyll-molecule of a plant and the hemoglobin-molecule of a red blood-cell are virtually identical in structure, making this transfusion possible.

∞ Belief #4: Oxygen, enzymes, trace minerals and hormones have been the most overlooked and underrated elements in the contemporary science of nutrition. However, an awakening among nutritional scientists that is confirming the importance of these elements.

∞ Belief #5: Excess protein (more than 5% of the diet) is a primary cause of “death by degenerative disease”. Many forms of cancer, heart disease, diabetes, liver and kidney dysfunction have been linked to the overconsumption of protein. Note that mother’s milk supports a rapidly-growing baby with no more than 3% protein. Meat, a conventionally-touted source of protein, stays in the human body for at least three days, produces excess acidic waste, and makes depleting demands on the body.

∞ Belief #6: Excess fat reduces the blood’s ability to carry oxygen to the cells. It has been determined that 5% is the natural limit of fat-consumption for a healthy individual. Remember that oil is liquid fat.

∞ Belief #7: Cooking kills any life left in food. And the consequent lifeless food slowly kills those who eat it. The immune-system responds immediately to this food. The white blood-cell count rises quickly and sharply, indicating that there is either an infection or poison in the body.

You might not share some of these beliefs at this time. Consequently, you might feel some resistance to them. However if you give them a chance, you will find them both valid and beneficial.

– From Hippocrates Health institute – Health Manual –


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