Everything which is not expressed, is being imprinted…

Kinesiology is a body approach allowing the interaction with the structurals, biochemicals and psycho-emotionals systems, thereby enabling the detection of the unbalances and their causes.

Kinesiology facilitates the self-empowering of the person so that they are aware that:

  • the functional disorders are a mode of expression for an internal unease
  • the non-pathological disharmonies does not always fall exclusively under the sphere of the medical system
  • real health is not an organ’s complete silence but a state of creativity, joy and fulfillment
  • the kinesiologist only assists the person in the discovery of his/her own ability to build his-her happiness

Some of its positive effects:

  • self/others-knowledge
  • harmonizing relationships
  • stress, emotions, anxiety management
  • learning abilities enhancement
  • energies flows equilibration
  • negative emotional charges released
  • development of the creative potential
  • performance optimization

pic kinesio

A session goes from 45 to 75 minutes 

50€ adults – 30€ children